Nor-Cal Valley Stompers Gold

14U-Callaway-Reno_Summer2013-shadowThe Valley Stompers Gold team is centered out of Danville, California but has players from all over northern California.  The “Valley” in the team’s name refers to the San Ramon Valley (a suburb in the east bay of the San Francisco Bay Area).  The Nor-Cal Valley Stompers Gold team is a nationally competitive travel ball team that focuses on the needs of the members rather than the needs of the underlying organization.  Originally, Coach Callaway started the Valleys Stompers in 1995 as the “A” travel ball division of the San Ramon Valley Girls Athletic League (SRVGAL).  As the needs of the team matured and a national reputation developed, it became clear that a direct tie with the recreational softball organization was inappropriate.

The Valley Stompers Gold team is a very competitive team that require a high level of commitment from the players and their families. The team makes long term commitments to players and operates under the philosophy that we will make the team better at practice, not at tryouts.  The vast majority of the players have a long history with the Valley Stompers and Coach Callaway.  We feel this mutual commitment is the best way to develop the team’s culture and quality of play that has become the standard for the Valley Stomper Gold team.

Tryouts are held twice a year (or by appointment) and the team is composed of 12 to 15 of the best players we can attract and retain to play at a nationally competitive level.  Our goal is to develop mature, responsible young ladies with a passion and respect for the game that can compete at the highest level, both on and off the field. We expect 100% effort and focus at practices and games. We want the players to all have FUN and learn to LOVE the game, but we expect them to have respect for themselves, their teammates, their coaches, their parents, their opponents and the umpires.

Program Objectives

This page outlines the core values of our softball program. It is important that you feel comfortable with our approach while participating on our Valley Stompers Gold team. Our focus will be to pursue our team goals as they relate to the greater whole of the team and not the organization.  The underlying premise of our philosophy is that the whole is greater than the sum of all the individual parts.  While it is only natural for parents to focus on their player, our plan is that the coaches and players will focus on the team as a whole.  We will stress the values of teamwork (both on and off the field), softball competitiveness, and fundamental skill development that will enable our team to compete at higher level.  To ensure an enjoyable and productive experience for everyone, we require that all parents become stewards of the Valley Stomper Gold culture by adopting and abiding by our core principles.  These foundational values of the Valley Stompers Gold team and provides the doctrine that all families in the program are expected to abide by.

Program Approach

Our program is designed to contribute to the development of positive, confident, respectful, and hard working young adults that will be able to understand to correlation between effort and reward.  Our medium is softball and we will use softball to achieve that objective.  We will teach our players the fundamental skills and advanced strategy that defines a higher-level softball program.  While we believe the competitive nature of our program accelerates a player’s development, the competitive element can become destructive if our parents and players lose sight of the basic purpose of our program; to teach the game of softball within the context of real world life lessons.  Our basic theory is that teaching the game inherently promotes “on-field success”.  We do not believe that “on-field success” inherently promotes teaching. By participating in our program, our players will develop the physical, mental, and emotional skills to play the game at the next level.  While we believe that winning is important, we will never measure a season by wins and losses.  Winning at any cost does not represent the primary goal of our program.  Our basic belief is that it is more important to teach and develop than to win. Keep in mind that this should not be misinterpreted as any less of a commitment to winning, however, we are much more concerned about our player’s development than the number of tournaments we win.  We will focus on skills development and the importance of consistency.  We will emphasize our expectation of putting forth a complete effort rather than the results from that effort.  In return for that complete effort, we will coach and teach at a higher level, support our girls as they grow to young adults and treat each player with respect.  We will hold each player accountable within the context of effort, focus, and respect for the team and their teammates.  We expect that physical mistakes will happen but we will not enable repeated mental mistakes.  We will promote the triangle of respect.  One side of the triangle being respect for peers, the other side of the triangle being respect for authorities, and the base or foundation of the triangle being respect for yourself.  We will further foster that triangle of respect so that a culture of trust is realized between all of our members (Players, Coaches, and Families).